Valediction Day - A sweet Ending to the New Beginnin
The Valediction day function at Infant Jesus school was a memorable event filled with nostalgia, gratitude, and celebration as we bid adieu to our outgoing students. Master Vinuth and Shriya of 9 Std hosted the programme The event commenced with a warm welcome extended to all attendees, followed by a soulful prayer invoking blessings for the departing students as they embark on their new journey.

A poignant candle-lighting ceremony symbolized signifying the continuity of traditions and values upheld by our school community. The students took a solemn pledge to uphold the principles of integrity, excellence, and compassion in all their future. The 10thstudents shared their fondest memories, heartfelt reflections, and aspirations for the future. Their candid opinions and experiences served as a poignant reminder of the bonds forged within our school walls. A captivating PPT presentation showcased the goals and aspirations of the graduating class, highlighting their achievements, dreams, and aspirations for the future. . As a gesture of gratitude students donated the 300 Fiber chairs to the school.

The exchange of heartfelt gifts between students and The principal symbolized the gratitude and appreciation for the guidance and support received throughout their academic journey. The highlight of the day was the inspiring speeches delivered by the school principal Fr. Andrew Jayaraj and the president Fr. Vincent Balaraj. Their words of wisdom, encouraging words resonated with the audience, instilling a sense of pride and nostalgia as they reflected on the collective memories shared over the years.T he day concluded on a joyous note with energetic dance performances, celebrating the spirit of friendship, camaraderie, and the cherished memories shared by all. As the curtains drew to a close on the farewell day function, it left behind a tapestry of memories etched in the hearts of all present, serving as a testament to the vibrant spirit and legacy of Infant Jesus CISCE School